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Updated: Mar 13, 2019

"Whereabouts does the name 'Teacher Breakdown' fall in terms of political correctness?"

This was the message I sent to my friends of some fifteen years who have always been my moral compass with things like this. The general consensus was that the double entendre is 'close to the line, but does not cross it', so here we are...Teacher Breakdown has been born!

So why run the risk of a Twitter storm over a blog that nobody will read? Well, I wanted to create a space for early-career teachers (and established teachers with time on their hands) to find out about the world of teaching. There are so many useful articles, books and CPD programmes out there to support new teachers; but a lot of it is over complicated and just...well...dull.

Teacher Breakdown is therefore looking to solve all of that. It will provide new content every week that seeks to help new teachers carry out their job to the best of their ability. But I hope this will not be just another one of 'those' blogs. I am not going to preach to you about some high-brow theory that may or may not work, because who on Earth has time for that? Instead, I will provide an essential summary of each topic from three perspectives: what the research says, what OFSTED says and how it looks in the classroom.

Ultimately, teaching is hard. We have to cope with increasing paperwork and class sizes while we face decreasing amounts of funding and time. As a new teacher, it can be incredibly hard to stay afloat and I hope that having something like this to turn to will be a helpful tool in your first few years of teaching. So whip out your phone and have a read whenever you have a spare few minutes outside of the job - in bed, on the tube home, in the staff room on the loo...

If you want me to cover anything specific then just drop me a message

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