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Where have you been??

(Trying to change the education system, working my 9 to 5, fending off a killer virus...)

Here it is. The front cover of my Fellowship report and the face of the document that has been tormenting me for the past six months. For those of you that are new to this blog (what a miserable place to start), I spent the second half of last year travelling to various countries as part of my Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship. My project, as you can see, focused on the retention of early career teachers and I spent much of my time interviewing various educators in Singapore, Norway and Switzerland.

Since then, I have been writing up my findings in a report that I hope to share with you all over the coming weeks. It has really been a labour of love and I just want to share my recommendations high and low. Fingers crossed, if my research reach the ears (eyes?) of the right people, then it could have a real impact. My aim is to try and reverse the current trend of teacher attrition, where 22.5% of teachers in England leave the profession within the first two years of teaching and 32.3% leave by year five. Just a simple dream...

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